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Past Events

Working with Visionary Founders : 15-October-2018 : 7:30 PM

Visionary entrepreneurs create success stories out of thin air. They are restless souls, raring to give shape to their dreams that, to start with, might seem out-worldly to most of us. However, they can't achieve this transformation alone. They need out-worldly and imaginative core professionals to amplify their vision & execute their thoughts; put in place processes to integrate the vision and the hard reality.

Examples are everywhere - Steve Jobs along with Tim Cook, Larry and Sergey along with Eric Schmidt , Sunil Mittal along with Akhil Gupta & the list goes on. These leaders are actually the ones that shape the company at every step to make it a big success story.

There is something special in the soil of Ludhiana that has given extraordinary entrepreneurs to India. Whether it is the manufacturing of the highest number of bicycles in the world; or the manufacturing of 90% hosiery products of the nation, be it becoming the hub of auto component suppliers to the largest auto manufacturing companies in the country, being the telecom barons, & the latest one the OLA story. So all these ventures were started by Munjal's, Mahindra's, Thapar's, Bharti's, & Bhavesh, the OLA are all founders from Ludhiana.

The CEO Forum of Ludhiana on 15th October, 2018 organized a Panel discussion at which Mr S K Rai, Vice Chairman & MD of Hero Cycles, Mr D L Sharma, MD of Vardhman Group, & Mr S K Sharma, Director of Nahar/Oswal Group were brought at a common platform to share their experiences of working with the visionary founders. These unsung heroes created magic of taking their groups to the higher echelon. They shared the secrets of success of their ventures.

Mr S K Sharma, Director, Nahar Group shared that quick & bold decision making of his groups founders propelled the group to higher orbits of growth. In Nahar Group "There is Nothing Tomorrow, Everything must be Done the Same Day". Mr S K Rai, Vice Chairman & MD of Hero Cycles shared that Munjal's acceptance of new ideas & new persons & very cordial relationships with all the stakeholders like a family were the biggest reasons of success. They believed in working on higher volumes at low margins. Mr D L Sharma, MD of Vardhman Group shared that in Vardhman the main focus is on systems & processes & backup in every way for sustainable growth. The group also focuses intensively on training & development of professionals for attracting the best talent and keeping attrition in control.

The session was well researched & moderated by Mr Kamal Wadhera, Founder & CEO, TCY group & President, LMA.

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