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Past Events

Introduction to Chakra and Mantra healing : 29-September-2018 : 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM

A session on MIND MANTRAS FOR WELLNESS was conducted by the LMA Womens Forum on September 29, 2018. Resource Person for the session was Ms. Arpana Khanna, Founder of I Chant-Mind Mantras & Meditation.

During the session Arpana explained the strong connect between the physical and spirtual wellness. She emphasised that our illness is a result of something deeper than what we can see or understand purely from a physical or a medical examination. She invited the members to explore the journey towards wellness by taking care of their spiritual bodies. She also explained the magical connection of Chakras and their impact on our gross and subtle bodies. She also shared Mantras and their importance through Sound as a method for Spiritual Healing.

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