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Past Events

Healthy Living, Healthy Nation : 23-June-2018 : 7:30 PM

LMA Members pledge for a Healthy Nation with a Healthy Me. Underscoring the need for a Healthy Body, Soul and Mind, Ludhiana Management Association-LMA organised a Seminar on Healthy Living and a Healthy Nation. Dr.Sandeep Kapur, Sr. Vice President, LMA introduced the theme by stating that though we seek physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing all our lives, it is unlikely that our wishes will become a reality with a reactive mindset.

Dr. Bishav Mohan, Sr. Cardiologist & Medical Suptd. Hero DMC Heart Centre mentored the Session. He asserted that we understand health to be the absence of disease, while it is a holistic state of physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing. It is important for us to understand that our well being is an outcome of conscious sustained effort with a positive attitude. It is not only popping pills and regular health check ups, rather taking ownership of our body and our minds, by pursuing a blend of dietary intake and a challenging physical activity regimen. He also maintained that a compromise with health in pursuit of professional goals, would only backfire, as our illness would necessitate break down maintenance through hospitalisation and days off from our work. Dr. Bishav Mohan identified the risk factors and symptoms of the cardiovascular, diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension and other stress related diseases. He advised members to prevent these diseases through life style modification and moderation of diet.

Kamal Wadhera, President LMA thanked Dr. Bishav Mohan, and expressed the hope that the business leaders in the audience would not only focus on their own health and well being, as their wellness, but also invest in public health as a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. S.S. Bhogal, Sr. Vice President was also present on the occasion.

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