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Rational Thinking : 03-May-2018 : 9:00 AM


an Interactive Session Mentored by Mr. S.P.Oswal, Chairman-Vardhman Textiles Ltd., Session was organised by CEO Forum of Ludhiana Management Association-LMA. Mr. S.P. Oswal was introduced by the General Secretary DrMrs. Paramjit Kaur.and felicitated by Mr. Anil Kumar. Mr. D.L. Sharma, Chairman CEO Forum and Dr. Sandeep Kapur Dr. Vice President expressed their gratitude to Mr. Oswal for continuously mentoring LMA, and being the torch bearer for inspirational leadership.

Mr. Oswal enunciated on the concept of Rational Thinking, by emphasising on extending rationality to all the areas of decision making, further pointing out that while leaders believe they are rational in terms of crisis, they become emotional and illogical in the pursuit of goals and targets they set for themselves. He also advised CEOs to practise end to end rationality, to ensure consistency in what they profess and what they practise. He further pointed out that While for some Leaders, rationality and left right brain balance may be inherent or natural, one will be able to develop it over a period of time. We perhaps need to be clear about the ends or goals, and also the means to be adopted for achieving these goals, and compromises would eventually lead to dissonance.

There is also the belief that for success in business one must be able to leverage on ones strengths, and more logical or quantitative are decisions are, greater would be results, but many a times our ability to achieve breakthroughs would be more a function or a synergy of logic and intuition. Mr. Oswal also advised that intuition or its development is more a culmination of our right and left brain oriented thinking, the depth and width of our learning, and this would need experimentation and self belief. He concluded by stating that his toolkit for leadership would be an amalgam of rationality, logic, emotional maturity and out of box thinking. President Kamal Wadhera while proposing the Vote of Thanks to Mr. S. P. Oswal, hoped members of the CEO Forum would introspect, experiment and develop their Rational Thinking Quotient for Breakthrough Results.

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