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Nutrition vs Ageing : 12-May-2018 : 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Empower Nutrition to Reverse Ageing: Shweta Batta

We Indians in general and Punjabis in particular are well known for 'Eat, play & be merry' with many of us also living by the adage of Live to Eat . This obviously leads to a life style of eating our and partying. While in youth, this frantic pace of enjoying, partying and eating is one merry go around, but as one touches forties we are struck by diseases some of them also chronic. Symptoms of hypertension, cardiac and renal diseases ring alarm bells advising us to strike a delicate balance between our lifestyles and our health needs. With a view to address these concerns Women Forum of Ludhiana Management Association organised a Session on Nutrition v/s Ageing.

Though we would like to be ever youthful, having the same zest and vigour as we age, this is just not possible until and unless we pursue active lifestyles and also follow a personalised diet plan. ' was advised by Ms. Shweta Batta, Head, Dietics Department, DMC and Hospital. She further added that the very fact the words Diet or Nutrition may convey bland food, and a difficult regimen to follow, which leads to avoidance till the time its enforcement is mandated by the Doctors. She also maintained that those above 40 should develop their own diet plan which is a blend of taste and nutrition and also factors any ailments that one has. A nutritious diet not only prevents chronic diseases, but also enables one to reduce the debilitating effects of a chronic diseases. She also advised that an individual should keep experimenting with ingredients for taste, shuffle recipes without compromising with nutrition. She also maintained that our society is becoming increasingly diet conscious, but the only constraint is discipline and though one starts on a war footing, one loses momentum after some time, as wellness due to diet, may lead you astray.

Dr. Vandana Shahi, Chairperson. Women Forum of Ludhiana Management Association-LMA while expressing her gratitude to Ms. Shweta Bhatta, hoped that forum members would be inspired to develop their own diet plans which leverage Nutrition to reverse Ageing. Ms. Shweta Bhatt was also presented a token of love by Ms. Sonia, Convener LMA Women Forum and Dr. Mrs. Paramjit Kaur, General Secretary Ludhiana Management Association.

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