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Past Events

Decoding Sh Nandan Nilekani Video talk 'Disrupting the Disruptor:Finding the next Big Idea' : 24-April-2018 : 7:30 PM

Digital Technology,Machine Learning, Internet of Things-IOT, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data are the buzz words dominating the national narrative and are likely to majorly impact and influence the strategic decision & policy making of our governance and businesses in the future. In order to understand the turbulence emerging from the interplay of these futuristic concepts and the current state of Policy Making, LMA organised a panel discussion on the theme, Disrupting the Disruptor, Finding the Next Big Idea The frame work for this session were the views expressed by Nandan Nilekani, Chief Architect-Aadhaar at Foundation Day-AIMA earlier this year. Gauging the importance of this subject LMA organised the interaction. During this discussion the expert panel comprising of Rajat Jain, Vice Chairman Neva Garments, and Pankaj Thakkar, Founder Pad Up , Kamal Wadehra, President LMA ,Dr.Sandip Kapur and Dr. Mrs Paramjit Kaur, General Secretary collaborated to decode the Disruption caused by the emergence of new technologies.

Rajesh Jain felt that the Government with its decisions of Demonetisation and Roll Out of GST ushered Digitisation, and how much and how soon will this impact our businesses would need to be assessed, but the change is certainly irreversible. Pankaj Thakkar was of the opinion that the GST Roll out was not only going to facilitate free flow of goods and services on a Pan India basis, but creation of a single data base with 10 million businesses could in the long term be used to get collateral free bank credit , supplier credit so on and so forth Both Jain and Thakkar shared the optimism that the Big Data and the India Stack would be an opportunity to be leveraged by businesses, and those who are able to maintain and mine the Data, will be wresting the competitive advantage locally, nationally and globally. President LMA Kamal Wadhera proposed a vote of thanks to the experts, also hoped that the businesses would embrace the change being initiated through the forces of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

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